The Derby Recreation Commission strives to ensure that all residents of USD 260 have access to quality recreation. The DRC has established scholarship policies to extend that commitment to residents whose financial status may make it difficult.

The Derby Recreation Commission offers scholarships for both its Recreation Center Memberships and its Programs. There are still some fees that apply based on income level and the program or membership you are applying for.

Scholarship recipients are not eligible for other DRC promotional discounts.


How to Apply for Derby Recreation Commission Scholarships for Programs or Membership
  • Applicants must be residents of USD 260.
  • Proof of residency is required for all applications.
  • A copy of the current year's income tax return and/or current USD 260 application for Child Nutrition Program Benefits form, must accompany the application. If temporarily unemployed, unemployment documentation is required.
  • Membership fees for 100% scholarship - Family $10 per month, Individual $5 per month. Membership can be set up on monthly auto pay with credit or debit card or may be paid by check or cash monthly at membership desk. No grace days are given for expired memberships. 
  • To apply for a family membership, the family is defined as as an individual, spouse/partner, and their dependent children, 23 and under.
  • Program fees are determined by supply cost  (see staff list for fees). All late fees will apply.
  • Some programs are exempt of scholarships, i.e. adult leagues, trips and sport camps.
  • If a program is cancelled you will be refunded the amount that you paid. 
  • There are no refunds for monthly or auto pay monthly memberships.
  • Program refunds must be requested 5 days prior to the class start date.  There is a $3 service charge for all program refunds requested by patrons and supply fees are not refunded.
  • Applicants will be notified within 48 hours of application status; approved temporarily approved or denied.
  • Tax Return and SSI applications expire each year on April 14; USD 260 applications expire each year on July 31.
  • Scholarship recipients are not eligible for other DRC promotional discounts.

Help with Application Form
Application Form
Application form can be downloaded and filled out prior to submitting at the DRC or staff at the DRC can provide you an application when you arrive. Applications must be presented in person.

Report the names and gross income for adult family members on your current year income tax return. Gross income is the amount earned BEFORE taxes and any other deductions. This is not the same as take home pay. Your gross income should be listed on your pay stub.

Parents or Guardians:
- Enter yourself and spouse
- Enter adults first and last name
- Enter date of birth
- List the gross monthly income the person earns
- Check the box if the person has zero income
- Check the box if the person is temporarily not working due to strike, lay off, injury or short term disability.
- Sign and date form, certifying that all information is true.

- Enter Child's first and last name
- Enter Child's date of birth, age and grade
- Enter Child's school
- Check box if foster child

DRC Staff:
- DRC Staff will list membership and/or programs that you are applying for.
- All membership and program fees that apply are required at time of application.
- The applicant will be notified within 48 hours of application status; approved, temporarily approved or denied.
- If denied all fees paid by applicant will be returned.