Please refer to the current program guide for the class schedule.

What is Unsinkables?                                                                                                                          

The Unsinkables program teaches water safety and basic swimming skills to all USD 260 2nd grade students.  Integrated with USD 260 curriculum, the Unsinkables program promotes lifetime water safety and recreation and the supporting classroom teaching reinforces healthy living and recreation.   The Unsinkables program has been a partnership between the DRC and USD 260 since 2009.

The goal of Unsinkables:

The goal of the Unsinkables program is to decrease the likelihood of accidental drownings.  By exposing young students to swimming, they are more likely to be comfortable in and around the water, embrace swimming concepts and consider swimming as a lifelong recreational opportunity.

How does Unsinkables work?

Unsinkables is a structured program to expose all USD 260 2nd grade students to the basics of swimming and water safety at an ideal developmental time.  Unsinkables classes are held all school year long with each school participating for two weeks.  

During their daily two-week session, all 2nd grade students from the school are transported to the Derby Recreation Center.  While there, students receive swimming instruction in the indoor pool.  For 30 minutes the students progress through the Learn to Swim program which teaches basic swim strokes, water safety, and how to enjoy the water.  The second 30 minute period consists of time in the gym where the teachers introduce nutrition education materials followed by structured game activities intended to be fun, and engaging fitness activities.

The objectives of The Unsinkables:

  • Water Safety and Survival
    • Review of Safety Posters at the beginning of each lesson
    • Activities in and around the pool
    • Teach basic survival strokes and water survival strategies
  • Education about how to get help in the event of a water emergency
    • Basic Swimming Skills
    • Encourage water comfort for students who have water anxiety
    • Expose students to various swimming strokes and techniques
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through recreational swimming
    • Nutrition and Physical Activity Education
    • Classroom teachers present nutrition education materials
    • Staff engages students in physical activities in the gym to reinforce healthy living concepts