Youth Fitness

Promoting Health Awareness

With the rising rates of childhood obesity, our youth fitness instructors address children in a way that will meet their specific needs-considering their growing bodies and shorter attention spans. Our nationally certified personal trainers teach our youth fitness programs.  We offer year around programs to suit all fitness levels and interests. The youth fitness classes are upbeat and fun. The classes offer a fantastic experience to children and promotes health awareness. 

Youth fitness classes vary depending on season. Register online, by phone at 316.788.3781, or by stopping into the DRC and speaking to someone at the front desk.

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We have conditioning classes this summer for grades 1st-3rd, 4th-5th, and 6th.  Bring your friends and get in shape this summer.


Sports specific exercises to increase strength and flexibility in cheer and gymnastics.  In July only we are offering this special class taught by our DRC personal trainer.  Rachel competed for the University of Arizona, is a nationally certified trainer and ready to help you get ready for the team.  She will train all muscle groups for agility, flexibility, and strength, while working the skills of the sport.


Are you ready for wrestling season?  If not, now is the time with this class that is only offered in July.  You will work on overall strength, flexibility and speed.  By working opposing muscle groups, you will decrease the chance of possible sports injuries through the season.  Taught by our DRC personal trainer that holds the certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Teen cardio dance

In this 45 minute class-like-a-party, you’ll incorporate footwork and body movements from a wide variety of dances including hip-hop, Latin, and ballet (instructor’s choice).  Participants grove to the beat as they movie their bodies like never before.


Get a total body workout while you shape, strengthen, and tone your muscles. Breathe deeply and let the school stress melt away.  Mats provided. 

Teen Weight Lifting

Work with a DRC personal trainer on weight lifting and the form needed to build strength and endurance.  You will learn fitness center etiquette and recover time.  This class will also encourage the proper eating that is needed for success with weight lifting.  Ages 13-15.