Drop-In to any of the DRC Land , Mind & Body, or Water fitness classes by purchasing a day pass for just $8!


The DRC offers a wide variety of land fitness classes including yoga, Pilates, cardio, spin and more!  There is something for every fitness level.


Water exercise is low impact on joints because the water displaces up to 85% of weight that would normally be carried by joints in a land exercise class.  Since water aerobics is easy on the skeletal structure, this form of workout is beneficial for people of any age, size or fitness level.  Most water fitness classes are conducted standing water.  Due to the natural resistance that water provides, water fitness classes are a good workout with an impressive number of calories burned.


With the rising rates of childhood obesity, our youth fitness instructors address children in a way that will meet their specific needs - considering their growing bodies and shorter attention spans.  Our nationally certified trainers teach our youth in year round program s that are upbeat and fun.